Why is betting on cycling worth trying?

Nowadays the betting industry has become enormously powerful and big in dimension. You are free to gamble on anything you wish from football to racing. What about cycling, by the way? In the article we will try to puzzle out in detail.

Some words to say about cycling

Cycling is a competitive sport, which sometimes involves teamwork or can be represented by individual riders. There are also various types of racing, such as time trials, cyclocross, road or track races. What is more important to mention, the discipline is highly profitable for health and keeping well-being.

What are the general features of cycling?

Among the main features that can be considered while talking about this discipline are:

  • emotions combined with training;
    This is an extreme sport that involves the constant use of muscle strength.
  • variety of events’ types;
    It can be performed on different types of trails, from streets to mountains.
  • special requirements as to bikes;
    Bicycles used for this sport must be adapted to the type of terrain where it is located. Also they must correspond to a number of important technical characteristics.
  • opportunity to keep fit;
    Cycling helps to maintain a good overall health.
  • high demands on the quality of the equipment;
    The equipment of a rider is crucial and should be appropriate for any weather conditions or circumstances which may appear.
    necessity to keep to a sports diet.

The cyclist’s diet should be adapted to intense activities.

Why to try your hands in betting on cycling?

This is a sport that is practiced all over the world and thrives in the betting world. More and more bookmakers offer stakes on the discipline, so now you are free to find a heap of various bets on the market. Though there are many other sports to consider, cycling is undoubtedly one of the most gainful of them.

Which events should be examined for betting on cycling?

There are various types of professional cycling events to bet on, the most popular of which are sprint, point, mountain bike and cross-country races.

icc world cup betSprint competitions are divided into individual and team, where each rider drives three laps on the track, the last of which is the most important (here the riders speed up at maximum).
In the points race, the competition is divided into finals, therefore there are 16 finals in the men’s category, and 10 in the women’s category.

As a rule, the first four places in each of these finals, or races, score points. At the end of all races, the winner is the one who scored the most points. According to mountain bike races, the events are held in mountainous terrain, so they are highly risky and unexpected. Cross-country races are also set in nature, thus a heap of emotions is guaranteed for spectators here.


The best option to bet on

Bookmakers offer different types of stakes today. You can bet on one-day races, where the classification of that particular day is taken into account, or on the final classification of a stage race, where only the final overall result is taken into account, whatever you wish.

Among the common outcomes to be offered are bets on:

  1. the race winner;
    For one-day races or for each stage of the competition, you are free to gamble on the winner. Remember, that if the chosen rider doesn’t take part in the race, most bookmakers refund the bet amount, but if the rider takes part and doesn’t finish – the whole bankroll will be lost. So while selecting the favorite, be aware of his or her previous performance and reputation.
    Depending on the event and the bookmaker, it’s possible to place a stake on the participant, doubling the amount, half of which will be put on the winner of the race, and the other half on the other participant to place second or third place.
  2. the overall winner;
    This market is only available for stage races, as a rule, the bookmaker offers to choose which athlete will win in the final overall standings of
    or in various official classifications that the competition may include, such as the best young rider, the best sportsman in the mountains, the best racer in the points standings or the best team in the overall team standings.
  3. comparisons.
    This is a very common offer in cycling, where two athletes are usually compared and the stakes are put on which of them will finish ahead in the race or the stage. If one of participants in the comparison doesn’t take part in the race or if neither of the two finishes the race, the bet is considered invalid. If one of the two sportsmen is eliminated after the start, the winner is the one who finishes the event.
    These comparisons can be based on a specific stage or on the final official rating, for instance, when one participant is ahead of another in the mountain classification or in the final overall standings.
  4. One more opportunity to mention is live gambling. During the start of the race, some bookmakers offer live stakes, but to succeed here you need to pay special attention to the analysis of possible weaknesses or unexpected circumstances.

So how profitable may cycling betting be?

It’s quite difficult to answer the question, because everything depends on two factors: your wish to study and gamble and the possibility of success. At the same time, staking is obviously worth trying, as well as racing as a hobby. Both of them may give you benefits – financial and physical. There is no reason for waiting and hesitating – kill the birds with one stone today. By the way, if you want to start cycling, the best option is to join some sport clubs, like CC London. Keep fit, gamble and profit.