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The most important thing to us is having fun and riding our bikes.
Our commitment
  • Time Trials
  • MTB
  • Cyclocross
  • Road
  • Track
Time Trials

Often seen as one of the harder disciplines in cycling, and known as The Race of Truth in France, Time Trials are one rider against the clock ( the exemption being team time trials). Riders are generally set off at one minute intervals and then race as hard as they can over a given distance to record as fast a time as they can.

Time Trials are an excellent route into competitive cycling as the race is to record as fast a time as you can and improve your time week on week.


MTB, which is an abbreviation of Mountain Bike. Mountain Biking is a great way to get into the wilds and explore. There are also some great MTB events to get involved in. MTB races usual fall into two category's Cross Country & Down Hill


Cyclocross races are off road races similar to MTB (mountain bike) races. The easiest way to describe cyclocross bike is it is a cross between a road bike and a MTB. Cyclocross bikes and races have been around a lot longer than Mountain Bikes, and where originally developed by French & Belgium road racing cyclists in the early 1900's as a way of keeping fit during the winter months and has grown to be a sport in it's own right.

The big difference between Cyclocross races and MTB races, apart from the bikes, is that cyclocross races are run over much smaller courses and the courses are designed so as there are certain sections where you will have to get off your bike and run with it. Races are usually run for an hour, but with the off road riding and the running, it is a tough, but very enjoyable hour.


Road Racing is probably the most commonly known form of cycle racing, mainly as they are seen in the famous races such as the Tour de France or the Great Classics such as Paris Roubaix or Tour of Flanders. Road Races are mass start events often on open roads, sometimes on closed roads. All riders a mass on the start line together and race against each other other a set course and distance and first across the line at the end is the winner. Race distances vary a lot depending on the type of event and the quality of the field. Race lengths can be anything from 20/30 miles to over 100 miles.

In the UK most races are run under British Cycling rules. The race you ride in will depend on your category. Depending on your experience and ability you will race in a certain category starting at 4th Cat (Category) and rising to Elite level. if new to racing you will start at 4th Cat, and as you get top 10 places in races you will be awarded points.

We bring a personality to every Ride.
Who we are?

Passionate about cycling and sharing our enthusiasm.
Chief Officer
Contact: 07867 434 920

I started my racing career at the tender age of 8. I was brought up to love and embrace all aspects of cycling. I started racing cyclocross, then time trials then road racing. When mountain bikes came along I rode them.

Give me any bike and I will ride it and I will enjoy it. I believe we are all cyclists and friends whatever your discipline, whatever your ability whatever your experience.

If you ride a bike or want to ride a bike, you are a friend of mine and a friend of CC London. Please come and say hello

Contact: 07588 332 525

Gordon started his racing career as a Mountain Biker where he represented Ireland on the world stage. Later on ( after breaking a lot of bones, including ones he didn't know he had ) he discovered road riding and now enjoys all aspects of the sport in equal measure.

A very warm and friendly guy, Gordon is always on hand to share his knowledge and support riders in any way he can.

Contact: 07515 964 261

Grant has a massive passion for every aspect of cycling On road, Off Road, Urban you name it he does it and does it well. A very strong and accomplished racing cyclist, Grant is equally at home racing and making it hurt as he is at nurturing and supporting new and up and coming riders.

Grants Ethos is CC London is for everybody whatever your ability, and nobody gets left behind, and Grant will always ensure that you are welcomed whole heartily to the club and have nothing short of a fantastic experience, a true gentleman.

Club etiquette & Benefits

New to group riding?

Group riding is sociable, will make the miles pass and really bring you on as a rider. When riding is a group we always ride in twos. This enables us to ride safely in formation, will allow you to have a conversation with the rider next to you, and hopefully have shelter from the wind when not at the front.

Riding with a group also allows you to ride to new places without the concern of how to get there or get home. That is because every ride will have a couple of group leaders, who's job it is to take the ride on a certain route, and ensure that nobody is left behind, which never happens.

What to bring on a ride?

On all rides you should,

Bring...... two spare inner tubes, tyre levers and a multi tool. These can be carried in your pockets or in a tool bag attached to your bike ( usual under that back of the saddle)

Food..... depending on the type of ride and certainly for longer rides, you should bring something to eat. Longer rides will include a coffee/tea stop, however, it is still useful to carry some extra provisions, such as Energy Gels, Energy Bars, Banana ect...

Money.....as mentioned above, some rides will include a stop half way and we usually finish the rides in a cafe, so bring a bit of money for drinks and cake ( or something more substantial if you prefer )

Dress for the occasion......It is important that you have the right clothing on for the time of year. In the cooler months make sure you have enough layers on as sometimes when out it will be necessary to stop ( for punctures and mechanicals ect..) and it is important to stay warm as we may be far away from home when this happens. Ideally you should carry a race cape, that will fold nicely in your pocket and you can put on if ever you get too cold.

When riding in the group

Ride fairly close to the wheel in front of you.....This helps keep the whole group in a nice neat formation and will also keep you out of the wind and save you energy ( around 20% ). It may be a little difficult at first, but try not to look at the wheel in front, look up at the back of the rider in front, were you will have much better vision.

When on the front...... it is important to ride at the same pace as the person next to you. If not this will disrupt the rhythm of the whole group. Your front wheel should never be riding in front of the person next to you and vice versa.

It's not a race! ......Although there are many members that do race, the club runs are not races. We ride together and under no circumstances is it acceptable to start sprinting at the front or chasing Strava sections. That is training to be done on your own.

Relax... Being new to a group it is normal to be a little nervous and tense. Please relax, let your arms go loose and keep your yes in the direction that you are going and your bike will dually follow. Also try not to brake suddenly, remember you have people riding behind you now.

Tell us if there is a problem.... If you have a problem with your bike, get a puncture, or struggle with the pace, please do not be shy and tell someone I the group. Nobody ever gets left behind and we will always stop and help with mechanicals and punctures.

Pointing out the obstacles... With the roads in their current state and other various hazards on the roads it is important to let the people behind know of the coming obstacle. This is usually done via hand signals and a shout. So if somebody points to the floor, that will indicate a pot hole coming up, the riders in front will point to the left or the right depending on the side the hole is. If the rider in front puts their arm across their back, this is to indicate that a car/obstruction is on the inside and there is a need to move out to avoid it. A hand hp in the air is to signify that the group is slowing down to stop, usually at traffic lights.

If you are ever unsure of anything on the ride, always ask the group leader, who will make themselves known at the start of the ride and are there to help you.

All we want is for you to get full enjoyment from the ride, improve as a rider, reach your goals and keep coming back.

Member Benefits

Subsidised Membership to British Cycling, for new members

Club Kit, a lot of time and research has gone in to ensure we have the latest technology kit

Coaching and Guidance, we will help you improve, get the best out of your cycling and reach your goals.

Social events, yes we also like to play, it's not just about the bike, we have many social activities throughout the year.

Structured racing program's, help and guidance to which races to enter and we enter as a team.

Regular training rides to suit all abilities

Club Runs

Tuesday Mornings

7:00am Regents Park - Zoo Gates
1 Hour of brisk laps around the outer circle

Wednesday Mornings

7:00am Regents Park - Zoo Gates
1 Hour of steady laps around the outer circle

Thursday Mornings

7:00am Regents Park - Zoo Gates
1 Hour of brisk laps around the outer circle

Saturday Mornings

9:00am - Winchmore Hill Station
Station Road, Winchmore Hill N21 3NG
2 - 3 Hour Steady Ride

Sunday Mornings

08:30am - East Finchley High Road, outside Budgens


CC London's Hog Hill summer racing pictures
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We are always ready to ride

Saturday meeting point

Winchmore Hill Station - 57 Station Road, Winchmore Hill N21 3NG


Sunday meeting point

East Finchley, outside Budgens

CC London

E-mail and telephone

+44 7515 964 261

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